I am originally from Dundee, in Scotland. I now work and live in the north-east of England: South Shields to be exact. Not the most picturesque part of the country, but the natives are friendly. I have a quite fulfilling job as a lecturer in Mathematics at South Tyneside College. The students are generally pragmatic, and the teaching staff are helpful and keen to support students and colleagues alike.

I have wide-ranging interests, including current affairs, history, politics, technology, music, art, psychology, sociology, physics, mathematics, martial arts, and writing. I have a variable level of competence in all of the afore-mentioned items, but would not profess to be “expert” at any. I feel that my strength is through the breadth of my knowledge, but not its depth.

At the age of 47, I find that life is a great adventure, and that we are constantly capable of testing our limits and discovering new aspects of our personalities regardless of age. Rather than age bringing wisdom, I have learned that there are no absolute truths, and that everything I think I know is ripe for reinterpretation. I don’t feel diminished by this, although there are times I feel a little unsure how to proceed. Things I valued in the past, such as financial success and the accumulation of material things seem less important now, although I still like to be “comfortable”.

My life, perhaps like most others, has been a fairly equal mix of success and failure, great achievement and crushed dreams. I have discovered that the course of my life is not always in my control, and that I can accept that.

This blog is my attempt to give shape to my thoughts, fears, opinions and emotions. Not that I think I have knowledge superior to any other person, but perhaps that some readers might find my thoughts “chime” with their own. I do not intend to preach or rant on any particular subject, but I do hope that I can put forward some rational agruments worthy of debate.

Perhaps you would like to join me.

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